Tech Notes

Periodically, technical notes are posted in this section to help school IT staff with the deployment of Acellus in schools. These notes are intended to simplify the process of getting the Acellus System working properly.


Recent Posts

Support for MP4 Videos in Chrome on Windows
In Windows, the Chrome browser utilizes hardware acceleration to play the MPEG-4 videos used by Acellus. However, this feature will not work properly on computers using older video drivers, which prevents MPEG-4 videos from playing. Read More
Wireless Requirements for Acellus Pad Computers
Due to the shape and metal casing on Acellus Pad Computers, a better wireless signal is required than for laptop computers. This allows for more dense distribution of wireless access points and stronger overall wireless coverage without suffering from interference. Read More
Configuring Proxy Filters and Firewalls for Acellus 7
Setting Up Acellus Teacher Administration – The Acellus Learning System has been designed to store and protect student progress information. Every effort has been made to make the system fault tolerant and effective. To prevent tampering with student databases, the teacher interface is protected with GoldKey security. Read More