Acellus School Site License

Request for Proposal

Use this form to request a written proposal for an Acellus School Site License. A Site License allows the participating school access to any course offered by Acellus for the students at that location. If multiple schools would like to utilize Acellus a request should be submitted for each site.

The information collected through the form below will allow us to create a customized proposal for each school based on the students they serve, and the needs unique to their environment. Once the request is submitted, a formal proposal will be emailed for review and acceptance.

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Credit Recovery – Effective, standalone system for credit recovery. Discovers deficiencies, triggering Vectored Instruction which builds back the missing foundational knowledge often needed for a student to successfully complete courses.    More information

STEM – Multi-year STEM program for elementary through high school. Self-contained teacher built in. The Acellus STEM program allows teachers to offer effective coding and robotics courses without the need for extensive additional training.    More information

Special Education – Multi-sensory instruction that is custom designed for students with special needs. Classroom-tested to be effective in getting students back on grade level.    More information

Intervention – Powerful deficiency diagnostics combined with targeted intervention restores student confidence and achievement. Available for elementary through high school in math, language arts/reading, science, and social studies courses.    More information

ESL – Courses specially developed to help students from any ethnic background master the English Language.    More information

Social Emotional – Social Emotional courses including crisis intervention lessons for students and parents.    More information

Gifted and Talented – Rigorous courses developed to challenge and motivate even the most gifted students.    More information

Advanced Placement – 18 College Board Approved AP courses, teacher taught and effective as standalone option.    More information

CTE – Career and Technical Education courses taught by teachers with years of work experience. Students are able to earn industry recognized credentials while in high school.    More information

Before and After School – Expansive selection of standalone courses ideal for STEM, intervention, credit recovery and enrichment.    More information

Summer School – Video based, self-contained courses ideal for a diverse population of learners in Summer School Programs.    More information

Tutoring – Self-contained, video based tutoring courses give students the extra support they need to succeed.    More information

GED and Adult Education – Speciality courses designed for the GED, TASC and HiSET. Extensive array of career and workforce training courses.    More information

Correctional Education – Teacher taught courses provided to students in a standalone, locked down environment.    More information

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