Impact of Giving

Through the contributions of its supporters, the Academy has coordinated grants to help more than 2,500 schools deploy Acellus, impacting more than 1 million students. Schools are reporting significant improvement in student test scores after using Acellus.

Read the stories below to discover how Acellus is transforming education in America.

Plainfield School District - Plainfield, NJ

Otis Brown, Principal

"I returned to Plainfield High School on July 1, 2011 as interim principal. At that time the school's graduation rate was below 75%. This low percentage rate put Plainfield High School in the category of a focus school with the DOE, state of New Jersey. Needless to say, this was a matter of deep concern for the PHS community. As we looked for causes, and reviewed the data we found one area of major concern. That was our inability to equip students to recover credit and to catch up on credits that they needed to graduate. There was one system we used that was extremely expensive, somewhat effective, and not user friendly.

So our search began to find a program that would give students the opportunity to recover credits and earn credits to fulfill graduation requirements. As our search continued, Acellus was recommended to me by the District's Secondary math Supervisor, Ms. Kim Morris. She told me that the middle schools were pleased with the results they were receiving. The middle school Principals confirmed that they used the program and realized excellent results. They all recommended the program very highly. Our leadership team reviewed the program and liked what we saw. The program has exceeded the needs of our students by offering a very wide range of courses. The feature that is most exceptional is that students can work anytime or anywhere they choose, and/or work under the guidance of a tutor.

Since we've begun using Acellus our graduation rate has steadily increased. So much so, that our 2014 graduation rate climbed to 90.1%. I can honestly say that a huge part of this success can be attributed to the Acellus Program. Acellus has my highest endorsement."


Crosby-Ironton Schools - Crosby, Minnesota

Jim Christenson, Principal

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Acellus program. It provides a really economical way to run a summer school program so students can recover credits failed during the previous school year. This past summer, we had 60 students out of 74 who had failed one or more classes recover all of their credits through the wide range of Acellus courses available to them. The teachers that run the summer program enroll students, answer questions during the summer that students may have via the Acellus email system, and report completed courses to my guidance counselor.

I can run the whole summer school program, including the cost of the Acellus course licenses, for under $3,000! I really appreciate the support of the grant funders who make the Acellus licensing so affordable for schools. The Acellus program truly helps students stay on track so they can graduate on time!"


Baker School District - Baker, Oregon

Jerry Peacock, Principal

"Like most school districts, we have the challenge of meeting a wide range of learning abilities and interests and still provide proper curricular scope and sequence with fidelity. We looked at several on-line programs to help meet this need and discovered Acellus. While many factors go into making a final decision, video based instruction with highly qualified educators that is affordable (especially with the grant program) and connected to the common core were key.

Acellus allows us to meet the needs of our special education population, talented and gifted students, those in need of credit recovery, or those who simply want a non traditional approach to their education. Acellus has proven to be dynamic as they consistently add more programs to their curriculum, thus meeting the needs of more students. We consider Acellus an important aspect of our educational program."