Acellus Hardware

GoldBook Pro

The GoldBook Pro is a powerful 2-in-1 computer with an 11.6″ touch screen and keyboard which allow it to be used as a laptop or easily transformed into a tablet.

GoldBook Pro Features:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Educational
  • Optimized for the Acellus Learning System
  • Locked down with GoldKey Security to prevent malware and student distractions

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Acellus Natural 3D Computer

The Acellus 3D Computer uses natural 3D technology, which does not require the use of glasses for the 3D effect. This 3D technology has been shown to deliver many benefits in an educational setting – concepts that are hard to convey through the traditional 2D approach become much easier to show when displayed in 3D.  The International Academy of Science has developed a large suite of courses filmed in 3D, and designed for use with these computers.

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GoldKey Security Tokens

In order to protect student records, Acellus Teachers are required to use GoldKey Security Tokens to sign into the Acellus System. GoldKey Security Technology provides two-factor authentication: 1. a physical device (GoldKey USB Security Token) and 2. something the user knows (PIN, or password).

Using GoldKey technology helps to ensure that your student records remain private and in the hands of authorized users.

For more information about GoldKey Tokens, please visit

A kit containing multiple GoldKey Security Tokens is shipped with each Acellus Server. For more information, contact your Acellus Coordinator.

Acellus Servers

The Acellus Media Server delivers video and graphics over the local area network (LAN). Acellus Media Servers are custom built and are pre-loaded with the Acellus courseware. Acellus Servers utilize the fsix Operating System, an OS with the power of NT combined with ease of management. Gigabit Ethernet adapters are utilized for high-speed network connectivity.

The Acellus system collects detailed information regarding the progress of all students in each course. This data is stored at the International Academy of Science. Course modifications and enhancements are distributed each day via the Internet to schools using Acellus.