Grade 1 Reading

Grade 1 Reading

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Grade 1 Reading lays a foundation of good reading practices and skills toward building English language fluency. The course includes music and animation to reinforce the concepts.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Basic Letter Sounds This unit introduces reading and covers the letter A, noisy and quiet sounds, the lip popper sounds represented by the letters P and B, the tip tapper sounds represented by the letters T and D, tracking these sounds with mouth pictures, reading simple words, sight words, reading books, the tongue scraper sounds represented by the letters K and G, and non-fiction reading. Unit 2 – Tricky Letter Sounds This unit discusses the lip cooler sounds represented by F and V, the tongue cooler sounds represented by Th and Th, the fat air and skinny air sounds, represented by Sh, Zh, S, and Z, the fat-pushed air sounds, represented by Ch and J, a review of consonant brothers, the nose sounds M, N, and Ng, the wind sounds, W, H, and Wh, the lifters, R and L, reading biography, consonant tracking, capital letters, and punctuation. Unit 3 – Vowel Sounds This unit covers what vowels are, short I, O, and U sounds, the initial E sound, vowel plus E sounds and word blending, more vowel sounds, vowel plus R sounds and word blending, vowel tracking, and symbols imagery with letters and words. Unit 4 – Tracking Sounds in Words This unit introduces and focuses on tracking with real words, and also discusses vowel and consonant blendings. Unit 5 – Reading Expectancies This unit discusses reading expectancies, including what they are, as well as teaching phonics rules in reading and in spelling, including adding "E" to the end of a word, two vowels go walking, and rules for the letters C and G. Also included are lessons providing practice with expectancies in reading and spelling. Unit 6 – Final Sounds and Tracking This unit discusses the letters X and Qu, tracking, spelling sight words, vowel and consonant blendings, and practice tracking real words. Unit 7 – Multisyllable Words This unit discusses spelling and reading complex syllables, counting syllables, tracking syllable changes with colors, reading and spelling with syllable cards, and dividing words into syllables before reading. Unit 8 – Reading Skills This unit discusses reading and spelling plurals and past tense words, symbol imagery with endings and syllables, reading syllable chunks, and reading lists, charts, and news articles.

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