Grade 3 Reading

Grade 3 Reading

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The Grade 3 Reading course builds on reading skills established in early reading curriculums, with an emphasis on exposing students to different types of text.
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Scope and Sequence

Unit 1 – Story Structure This unit discusses character, setting, plot, cause and effect, main idea, details, comparing and contrasting, and making predictions. Also covered are prefixes, using a dictionary to understand unknown words, words with multiple meanings, and spelling. Unit 2 – Draw Conclusions This unit discusses sequence, drawing conclusions, main ideas, details, and themes, as well as understanding compound words, context clues, finding the author's purpose, paragraph clues, and spelling. Unit 3 – Make Inferences This unit covers word clues, sentence clues, cause and effect, author's purpose, story structure and plot, text structure, and making inferences. Also covered are spelling and homographs. Unit 4 – Visualize to Comprehend This unit discusses visualizing and drawing conclusions, theme, problem and solution, summarizing, sequence, spelling, multiple-meaning words, the suffixes -ful, -less, and -ly, and understanding words with prefixes. Unit 5 – Main Idea This unit discusses main ideas, details, description, cause and effect text structure, drawing conclusions, understanding words with prefixes, comparing and contrasting, and using a glossary for unknown words. Also covered are spelling and understanding homographs, homophones, and words with prefixes. Unit 6 – Generate Questions This unit discusses making inferences, synonym context clues, visualizing and summarizing, spelling, antonym context clues, generating questions to compare and contrast, prefixes and suffixes, generating questions for story structure, and using a dictionary for unknown words.

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