Acellus Career and Technical Education

Career and College Ready

Empowering students for life in the 21st century is an exciting, ever-changing challenge, and entails not only preparing students to be college-ready, but also career-ready. In order to equip students with the skills and training needed in today’s competitive job markets, Career and Technical Education is an integral component of a student’s education.

Acellus CTE courses incorporate the necessary academic anchor standards, along with the career and life-skills training essential for success in the “real world.” With the various career clusters Acellus offers, students are able to take courses specific to the career pathway of their choice.


CTE Courses Preview

How it Works

Acellus courses are taught via tiered video instruction – each course is broken up into individual concepts, and each concept has multiple videos available. Acellus is able to customize the course to the individual pace and level of each student. As the student progresses through the course, every response is recorded and monitored, and through I2 technology, personalized help videos are delivered right when the student needs assistance in a concept.

Content Filmed and Developed in 3D

Acellus CTE courses have been filmed in 3D, for use with the Acellus 3D Tablets. The Acellus 3D Tablet uses natural 3D technology, which does not require the use of glasses for the 3D effect. This 3D technology has been shown to deliver many benefits in an educational setting – concepts that are hard to convey through the traditional 2D approach become much easier to show when displayed in 3D. More information on the Acellus 3D Tablets.

Experienced, Highly Qualified Teachers

Acellus offers Highly Qualified Teachers as an option to schools using Acellus CTE courses. The Acellus Highly Qualified Teacher is responsible to teach, supervise and monitor the students within the class they are assigned to. This program allows schools to ensure that experienced, subject-certified teachers will oversee the learning experience.

Career and Technical Education Courses


  • Investigating Careers
  • College and Career Readiness

Building and Construction Trade

  • Electrical Technology I
  • Electrical Technology II
  • HVAC & Refrigeration I
  • HVAC & Refrigeration II
  • Plumbing Technology I
  • Plumbing Technology II

Health Science & Medical Terminology

  • Medical Terminology

Business Finance

  • Business Management
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance

Information and Communication

  • Business Information Management I
  • Business Information Management II
  • Computer Programming*
  • Computer Science*