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Empowering Students to Achieve Their Full Potential

College readiness is more than just graduating from high school and deciding which college to attend.  In this ever changing world, the students of today have more diverse career opportunities than their parents or grandparents did.  Many students need help discovering what interests them, and what they are good at, so they can make a plan for their future.  The wide selection of courses offered by Acellus make it easy for schools to offer a well-rounded education to students in preparation for the careers of the future.  Acellus provides the core courses needed for graduation, but also many honors and advanced placement courses that can give students an advantage when starting college.

Be Ahead of the Curve – Enabling Students to Enter College with General Ed Credits Already Completed

Acellus offers schools an extensive selection of CollegeBoard Approved AP courses, allowing students to gain college credit while still in High School.  Thousands of colleges and universities across the nation and internationally recognize AP courses, and will grant college credit to students with exam scores of 3 or higher.  Many colleges also consider AP credit in the admissions process and when considering placement. Students with outstanding AP scores often have the opportunity to move into upper-level courses sooner, pursue a double-major, or even study abroad.

Because of the extensive and varied catalog of Acellus AP courses offered, students that apply themselves can actually complete most or all of the general ed college requirements while still in high school.  This allows students advancement opprtunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and enables them to spend more of their college time working on courses that actually advance them towards their career goals.

Targeted Instruction at Every Skill Level

An important aspect of college readiness is having a firm academic foundation.  Acellus courses require students to demonstrate mastery in each lesson before moving on.  Courses are taught via tiered video instruction – each course is broken up into individual concepts, and each concept has multiple videos available.  Acellus adapts to the individual pace and level of each student. As the student progresses through a course, every response is recorded and monitored, and through the technology of Prism Diagnostics™, customized personal instruction (CPI) videos are delivered right when the student needs assistance in a concept.  Additionally, teachers are provided with reports showing any areas of weakness that might need extra attention prior to taking an exam.

Courses Specifically Developed for College Readiness

Acellus has developed courses that are specifically focused on introducing students to the career options they may not be familiar with, and what education is needed for each one.  The Acellus Investigating Careers course gives students an overview of many career options and the education, training, and skills required for each.   The Acellus College and Career Readiness course provides students with basic knowledge and skills they need to set real, attainable goals that will lead them on a path to success.

Knowing how to take a high-stakes test is almost as important as knowing the material covered.  Becoming familiar with the format of the test can help students feel more confident in their ability to score well on the exam.  With specialized exam prep courses available for college entrance and AP exams, students can become more familiar with test question formats and learn time management tips which can greatly improve their overall readiness for test day.

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