Acellus for Correctional Education

Providing a Path Forward to a Successful Future

Thousands of incarcerated adults and juveniles leave the nation’s prisons and detention facilities each year. While many successfully transition back into their communities becoming productive members of society, many others commit new crimes and end up being re-incarcerated.

Lack of education and skills has been shown to be one of the key reasons why ex-prisoners don’t succeed. This makes education a crucial service provided in correctional facilities across the Nation. The challenge however, is providing education to a transient population with varying levels of mastery in a restricted environment.

Providing education to youths incarcerated in juvenile correctional facilities has been linked to lower the rates of recidivism and offer a better reintegration upon leaving detention.  Acellus provides these facilities with an educational solution that allows inmates access to any course they may need, while also differentiating the course of study to their individual skill set and level.

Targeted Instruction at Every Skill Level

Acellus offers courses in every core area, and at every level, to make it possible for inmates to have the instruction they need to succeed.  Courses are available K-12 in all core areas, as well as GED preparation, Career and Technical Education courses, and special elective offerings.  Along with providing a diverse and flexible suite of courses, Acellus courses are also tailored to the pace of the individual learner.  This is possible through the technology of Prism Diagnostics™, and the impact of the customized instruction that is delivered at the moment the deficiency is identified.

Career and Technical Education

Making Re-entry Into the Workforce Possible

Preparing incarcerated adults and juveniles to enter society successfully entails not only helping them to get their high school diploma or a GED, but also enabling them to enter the workforce.  Acellus career and technical education courses provide career related education experiences, while taking the experience a major step further, by allowing students to earn industry recognized credentials.  These industry recognized credentials are extremely valuable. The credentials let employers know that this student is work-ready on day one.

Acellus has already made substantial progress in the development of career and technical education courses, and offers over 20 career courses.  CTE-100, which is an initiative of IST, involves the development of courses for 80 additional careers.  For each career, 2 full-year courses will be created.  The curriculum for these courses follows state CTE guidelines, but also relevant industry standards with the idea that students will be qualified, upon completion, to take industry recognized certification exams. This will open the way for them to move right into entry level positions in these fields.

All of the Benefits of Online Learning….
Without Being Online

To meet the requirements that many correctional centers have of being isolated from the Internet, Acellus has developed a specialized media server that is a standalone device.  Inmates have access to all of the Acellus educational lessons, and can complete their coursework without ever accessing the Internet.  The standalone Acellus server includes built-in DHCP and DNS servers appropriate for physically isolated networks.

With the standalone setting for programs with restricted networks, Acellus meets the important demand that our Correctional and Detention sites have of providing youth and adults both with a secure and rigorous tool to aide and augment their path to success.


 Setting up the Acellus Standalone Media Server

Computers Locked Down to Educational Purposes Only

Acellus provides centers with computers that come pre-installed with Acellus, and locked-down to Acellus only.  Many correctional institutions are implementing large scale deployments of these computers to inmates, as they no longer need to be concerned about users accessing inappropriate sites and content.

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