Acellus for Independent Study

The Virtual Classroom

Educating students outside of the brick and mortar school environment is becoming an ever growing need.  Providing an Independent Study program to students studying from home enables students to still achieve their academic goals, while allowing them the flexibility to choose where and when they study.  Acellus affords students the opportunity to study from home on their own schedule, without compromising on academic rigor, standards and quality.  This gives students an educational pathway that best enables them to fully realize their academic potential.

Through the Acellus platform schools are able to easily offer standards-based courses and monitor student performance and achievement.  Student work is automatically graded and tabulated in the Acellus Gradebook, time worked is logged and calculated by the system, and available in an easily generated report and transcripts and student report cards are accessible at any time by the teachers and administrators at the local school.

Ensuring Academic Integrity in the Online World

Ensuring the academic integrity of a virtual, independent studies program can be challenging, as well as time consuming for the teachers and staff involved.  Acellus was designed to reduce the work load of the teachers — doing much of the mundane work automatically — so that teachers can spend their time where it’s needed most.  Every action done by students is recorded in the Acellus system, including every time the student logs in, each answer inputed, and every grade achieved. 

Acellus Case Study
Chino USD

Acellus courses are standards-aligned, and provide a rigorous backbone for the virtual environment, but teachers can also supplement the courses with custom course material as desired.  Custom lessons designed by the teachers can be uploaded to the system, and the grades integrated into the overall Gradebook.  Teachers can also communicate with students through the Acellus messaging system.

Standards-based Curricula

Acellus allows schools to offer a comprehensive suite of standards-based courses to students studying off-campus.   All core courses are covered, in the area of mathematics, language arts, reading, social studies, and science.  Foreign languages, career and technical education courses, advanced placement, electives, and ELL courses are also available.   The wide selection of courses available makes it easy for a school to offer all of the courses needed for graduation and required by state standards.   

Acellus courses are taught via tiered video instruction – each course is broken up into individual concepts, and each concept has multiple videos available.  Acellus is able to customize the course to the individual pace and level of each student. As the student progresses through the course, every response is recorded and monitored, and through the Prism Diagnostics™ technology, personalized help videos are delivered right when the student needs assistance in a concept.

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