Acellus for Intervention

Targeted Intervention - The Right Instruction at Just the Right Time

Acellus provides targeted intervention for students, integrating prescriptive assessments and customized content, based on the student’s skills and individual needs.   Acellus, supported by Prism Diagnostics technology, identifies specific gaps in students’ knowledge based upon their response to the presented concepts. Acellus then provides Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) to apply targeted intervention in the prescribed areas. The students are subsequently re-assessed to ensure that the concepts identified and addressed have been retained. If gaps still exist, the student will again be presented with the relevant concepts and then re-assessed to determine comprehension. Acellus will deliver additional versions of instruction to students when data shows that multi-level instruction is required.

Real-time Reporting for Teachers

Acellus gives teachers real-time reports on each student in their class – an extensive amount of data, down to very minute details.  Acellus keeps record of each time students log in, the amount of time they spend on each task, and every answer they input into the system.  Using this data, teachers can very easily see not only if their students are struggling in a course, or on a concept, but they have all of the data they need to help the student fill that particular gap in their knowledge – transforming their “stuck” students into successful learners.

Acellus courses can be used to leverage teachers in providing targeted intervention for students at-risk of failing. The progress monitoring and prescriptive assessments used by Acellus, in which all student response data is collected, allows teachers to analyze student performance at any time. This allows teachers to respond quickly to individual student needs. The student response data can also aid teachers in identifying students with learning and other disabilities.

Summative student reports offer several detailed lists of data for teacher and parent analysis. Teachers can see a list of which concepts a student is struggling with and the progress being made, as well as their grades and class attendance. Parents stay involved in their child’s progress through similar reports provided via the Parent Interface.

Perfect for RTI and MTSS

Acellus is an ideal solution for schools offering Response to Intervention (RTI) and multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) programs by providing courses to support both academic and social & emotional needs.  

Acellus can be effectively incorporated into RTI multi-level tiered intervention systems.  The first tier embeds good core initial teaching, a second-tier intervention provides leveled instruction with greater intensity plugging the holes in individual learning, and a third tier of leveled intervention with individualized instruction. RTI teachers say they recommend the Acellus tools for progress monitoring because they are provided specific interventions targeting student’s needs, interventions adapted to each student’s individual level, and specific instruction designed to ensure each student’s academic success.

The Acellus Emotional, Social & Physical (ESP) Education course focuses on the importance of all three components in students’ lives, and helps to cultivate healthy relationships, a caring attitude, and the importance of ones overall well-being and physical health.  ESP inspires positivity, which will empower students to face the day to day challenges they will encounter in the real world.

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