Congratulations to our finalists

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Acellus Science Fair.  The winning student projects are sorted by age category below. Be sure to start preparing your projects for the next Acellus Science Fair, coming in 2022!

2021 Project Winners

Acellus Science Fair 2021 Awards

Group A:  Ages 5-10

1st Place – Cindi Daisy
2nd Place – Peter Stark
3rd Place – Gideon Stevenson
Honorable Mention – Matteo Indra De Riz
Honorable Mention – Benjamin McKinney

Acellus Science Fair 2021 Awards

Group B:  Ages 11-13

1st Place – Landon Soo Hoo
2nd Place – Alvin Abbot
3rd Place – Licia Uma De Riz
Honorable Mention – Evan Marks
Honorable Mention – Alejandra Nivar

Acellus Science Fair 2021 Awards

Group C:  Ages 14-18

Grand Prize – Ethan Simon
1st Place – Quinn Bradin
2nd Place – Arnav Vijay Revankar
3rd Place – Alexander Paul Houser
Honorable Mention – Donna Vanderwerken

Acellus Science Fair 2021 Awards

Robot Dance Contest

1st Place – Myla Clemetsen
2nd Place – Megan Alves
3rd Place – Hannah Parada

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