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Welcome to the Science Information System (SIS), a project of the International Academy of Science. SIS is an electronic repository of scientific information including the following:

Encyclopedia Of Science And Technology

The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (EnSciTech) is a reference resource containing a compilation of scientific and technological information in the form of articles written by Members of the Scientific Community Registry. Each article is presided over by a workgroup, which is led by a Principal Author. The Principal Author carries the primary responsibility for the article and coordinates the efforts of the other members of the article workgroup, including an unlimited number of Contributors. Working together, the members of the workgroup keep the article up to date and accurate, publishing the latest information available on each topic.

Journal of Science

The Journal of Science is a peer-reviewed technical journal published in electronic format by the International Academy of Science. Members of the Scientific Community Registry can publish their scientific works and research in the Journal. There is no charge to publish, and there is no limit on the number of articles a Member may publish in the Journal. Articles must be of a technical nature, describing scientific theories, research, hypotheses, or observations.

Scientific Registry

A compilation of background information regarding the worldwide membership of the Scientific Community Registry.