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Remedial Reading for Special Education

Acellus Remedial Reading teaches students the basic concepts, rules, skills, mechanics, and strategies of reading. This course is recommended for Middle and High School students reading below grade level. The Acellus Special Education courses have been developed to be achievable by Special Needs Students, while still incorporating the rigor of standards-based courses. This enables students to approach, and even meet, grade-level expectations.

Acellus is a computer-based education tool that uses Deficiency Diagnostics (DD) to identify holes in students' understanding. It analyses students' responses and provides Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) to immediately fill in those knowledge gaps. Acellus has the flexibility to not only help students learn at their own pace, but to also give teachers the ability to identify problems, track progress, and provide assistance in real-time. This allows schools to leverage teachers, to provide more personal attention for students, and to tailor their students' educational experience at an individual level.

Some of the many concepts taught in the Acellus Remedial Reading course are the following:

Remedial Reading Course Topics

Types of Text
Vocabulary Skills
Dictionary Skills
Phonics Rules & Practice
Before Reading Strategies
During Reading Strategies
Story Elements

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Matching Grant funding for Acellus is available for Special Education programs:

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