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Acellus, a project of the International Academy of Science, is an online education system that is revolutionizing learning for millions of students worldwide. Schools are switching to Acellus courseware because it works and because it is extremely affordable.

The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) is the education arm of the International Academy of Science and offers advanced degree programs in education, science, and technology-related fields.

Roger Billings Mentoring Program

Preparing Creative Students for a Successful Career and Life

Acellus Academy Scholarships

Program offers scholarships to qualifying students.

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Mentoring Forum

Dr. Billings’ weekly TalkScience lectures provide mentoring and training to students in the program.

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Kansas City Star

Acellus In-Depth Report

This online education program, developed in KC, gets credit for preventing dropouts

Educators say it’s a “game changer.” It’s in more than 2,600 schools across the country, used by about a million students and adding more all the time…

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