Institute Mission-Based Learning Outcomes

The successful graduate of IST will demonstrate the following attributes:

Responsible Digital Citizenship

  • Recognizes the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of learning in an online environment.
  • Respects the range of ethical perspectives and impact of actions on others.
  • Uses the Internet, computers, and technology in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Effective Communicator

  • Uses reading, writing, listening and speaking as communication tools to effectively express and communicate ideas.
  • Implements effective communication to speak, show, demonstrate, exhibit or perform using a variety of media to convey complex solutions implementing change.
  • Presents multifaceted content that customizes the message for intended audiences.

Creative and Innovative Problem Solver

  • Demonstrates reliable and valid data research strategies for intellectual or creative pursuits.
  • Critically analyzes and constructs divergent thinking to draw conclusions and generate plans for solving complex problems.
  • Expresses originality, imagination, and innovation working with complex and ambiguous situations to transform their learning.
  • Makes decisions based upon understanding of scientific concepts and processes using observation and experimentation using appropriate technology and scientific reasoning.

Technological and Research Proficiency

  • Accesses and uses online and written information safely, ethically and legally.
  • Demonstrates the ability to find, organize, understand, critically examine and use information from various sources using a variety of technologies.