Mission & Vision

The Mission of IST is to make this world a better place through the advancement of applied science and scientific education.

The Vision is that IST will be recognized as a leader in applied scientific education through practical and real-world training, thereby producing graduates that are prepared to make significant contributions for the betterment of society.

Now more than ever, people need easy access to practical education that will give them skills and knowledge they can take directly into the workplace. IST meets that need by providing high-quality, accessible education in fields of study that are in demand. IST provides a means for individuals to learn independent of time and place and to earn degrees that are credible to both academic institutions and employers to better serve the needs of today’s technology rich environments.

The Programs offered at the Institute of Science and Technology are specifically focused in the areas of Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics & Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Cyber Security and E-Learning.