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The Movement that is Changing Education

Acellus is changing the face of education as we know it. Schools using Acellus vastly expand the educational opportunities available to each student, leverage teachers’ personalized attention to every learner, and empower teachers to facilitate every student with individualized instruction.

Acellus empowers learners to study at their own pace, adapts core educational experiences to the learner, and personalizes instruction to address students’ individual and unique learning styles. Acellus also ensures that all instructors have access to high-quality educational material, while greatly reducing repetitive, time-consuming tasks that impede their methods and techniques of teaching.

Acellus systematically reviews the science behind the learning process, studies the delivery of curriculum, discovers innovative solutions to teach more effectively, and empowers students to be college ready and career prepared. Acellus has become a significant dynamic in enabling schools to implement blended learning into their curriculum.

Video: Mission Acellus
Featuring Dr. Roger Billings, Acellus Chairman

Why Acellus Works - Prism Diagnostics

Acellus delivers short video lessons taught by some of the nation’s greatest teachers.  After each lesson, students receive practice problems to reinforce their understanding of the concepts.  Acellus uses cutting edge technology, to determine where a student has a hole in their background knowledge that is making it difficult for them to learn a particular concept, called Prism Diagnostics™.


Prism Diagnostics™

In the same way that a prism splits light into a spectrum of colors, Prism Diagnostics™ splits students into groups, or spectrums, based on similar deficiencies or holes in their background knowledge.  When a student falls into one of these spectrums, Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) is instantly delivered for that precise defect, filling in the gap in the student’s knowledge so they can move forward with confidence.

By recognizing deficiencies and personalizing the learning process, Acellus is able to help students gain a strong academic foundation.

Helping Every Student Succeed

According to the “Success Zone” philosophy developed by Dr. Roger Billings, 100 percent of the students in a class CAN succeed in learning. The challenge is to transform “stuck” students into successful learners.  One of the principle missions of Acellus is to empower the teacher in helping each student find their Success Zone.

  • The “Student Success Zone” is an education strategy that helps students succeed by getting into the right courses, at the right levels, to consistently progress. We call this being in their “Success Zone.” On the Acellus Learning platform, the following aids are provided to teachers:
  • Live monitoring of students as they work in the Acellus environment. Teachers can see exactly what every student is working on at any given moment, down to specific problems and the student’s responses
  • Monitoring of overall student progress within a course and notifications to the teacher when students need intervention
  • Data-backed suggestions of intervention options
  • Streamlined implementation of interventions selected by the teacher with a simple click of a button

Student Success Zone

Sometimes the intervention needed is just extra encouragement or help with a specific problem, which is performed by the teacher. However, in cases where students need more extensive intervention, such as having the difficulty of a course increased or reduced, or moving a student to a more basic or more advanced course, the Success Zone provides a “select and click” way to implement.

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NSBA 2017 Featured Conference Session
Using Acellus STEM Robotics Labs to Transition Special Education Students

Acellus Chairman Dr. Roger Billings presents a new approach to engage learners: Acellus STEM Robotics Labs. Studies show a higher percentage of special needs students transition into STEM-related careers than other students.

Acellus in the News
District Administration: Acellus STEM-10 Coding Course and Robot Launched at CES 2018

Update Courses to Newest Versions

Acellus has launched a major initiative to teach young students how to code. The Acellus STEM-10 initiative is a 10-year course in coding. It starts with students in the third grade, adding complexity each year until a student graduates from high school…  Full Article

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