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The Web-learning Revolution

Web-learning is changing the face of education as we know it. Schools using web-learning vastly expand the educational opportunities available to each student, leverage teachers’ personalized attention to every learner, and empower teachers to facilitate every student with individualized instruction. Web-learning empowers learners to study at their own pace, adapts core educational experiences to the learner, and personalizes instruction to address students’ individual and unique learning styles. Web-learning also ensures that all instructors have access to high-quality educational material, while greatly reducing repetitive, time-consuming tasks that impede their methods and techniques of teaching.

The International Academy of Science has developed advanced web-learning programs through the science of learning. Specialized programs of support for schools include the Acellus Learning System, which provides web-learning courses with standards-based educational content, provides a K-12 education expanding access to career and college opportunities through self-paced online learning, a learning management engine for educators, accreditation specific to web-learning through WGNA (Web-learning Global Networking Alliance), and enhanced specialized training about web-learning engagement for administrators and teachers.

Acellus has advanced to become a leader in web-learning, applying technologies developed to turn the learning process into a science. Using Intelligent Interaction (I2), Acellus can identify specific holes and gaps in students’ core foundational knowledge. Acellus then uses customized personal instruction to fill in those holes with the exact pieces of instruction missing in the students’ background, enabling them to succeed and move forward in their education, and to ultimately achieve their life goals.

In the Acellus web-learning process, the role of the teacher is disaggregated to enhance the access of the student to their personalized teacher. This is further explicated through the delegated teacher roles and responsibilities, such as the Curriculum Board, Work Group and On-Camera Teacher who develop and demonstrate proficiency integrating a variety of methods to reach and engage students who are struggling. Examples include sticky concepts for remediation and defective problems for the ambiguous problems leading to multiple possible answers and obvious problems that are answerable without direct instruction.

The Administrative Teacher and Help Teacher develop and demonstrate proficiency by integrating a variety of tools to engage student learning and development of content mastery. Examples include deficiency diagnosis with swiss cheese problems which identify the holes in mastery of previous taught skills and concepts, blocking the proficiency of current topics to find the gaps in learning, and customized personal instruction (CPI) filling the holes of understanding.

What can Web-learning do for you?

Web-learning instantly revolutionized the global educational experience for all students. The benefits of incorporating web-learning into your classroom are significant.

Schools implementing web-learning classrooms have experienced increases in standardized testing, improvement in student attendance, and motivating attitudes of students to improve success. Access to web-learning also helps students with the necessary computerized study skills to ensure success on standardized online testing. Web-learning additionally provides support for schools with a means to offer independent study programs and bring students back into their school’s instructional program further ensuring that every student receives a quality education.

What environments in your school can benefit from Web-learning?

Schools are faced with the challenge of educating every student who enters the threshold of the classroom door. Students have very diverse backgrounds and a wide spectrum of learning needs. Web-learning opens an enormous range of opportunities by allowing students to take courses that are relevant to their interests and on their individualized skill level. A few examples of how web-learning is ideal for varied school programs include: special needs programs for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and Individual Education Program (IEP) support, home hospital care, credit recovery, career and technical education, advanced placement, English as a Second Language (ESL), summer school enrichment, and independent studies.

Acellus offers courses in each one of these deployment areas, allowing educators to give every learner access to the specific courses at any grade level for an authentic Customized Learning Program.

Train your educators and staff to be Web-learning experts

When implementing web-learning in your school, it is highly recommended that you get your key staff trained to be web-learning experts.

The International Academy of Science offers a three-day Web-learning Certification and Training Course that is designed to empower administrators and teachers to effectively deploy web-learning programs. Educators attending this training will learn effective strategies for deploying web-learning in diverse programs supporting special needs programs for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and Individual Education Program (IEP) support, home hospital care, credit recovery, career and technical education, advanced placement, English as a Second Language (ESL), summer school enrichment, and independent studies. Participants acquire specialized targeted training on best practices for effectively managing and operating web-learning deployments.

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