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Acellus Course Description “Mouse-Hover” replaced with Pop-Up

Course Description FeatureSome Acellus teachers have reported having difficulty reading the longer Course Descriptions of Acellus courses due to the limited time their browsers display the “mouse-hover” text. To solve this issue, Acellus now provides these course descriptions in a pop-up. The ‘Info’ button that before was only “hoverable” is now “clickable,” giving teachers ample time to digest the course information. Description Pop-Up Pop-Up In addition, a button at the bottom of the course...

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New “Custom” Special Lesson Features for Teachers

Custom Special LessonsAcellus "Custom" Special Lessons have been reimagined with new features that include a text editor to give teachers greater control when creating lessons right in the interface. The new features also give the option to provide a "Teacher Resource" for Answer Keys or information for teacher collaboration. Once created, the custom lessons are integrated right into the Special Lessons interface for seamless grading and management.  In addition, these custom assignments are then available to ALL classes within the school using that same Acellus...

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Acellus Releases Major Update to its Special Lessons Feature

Special LessonsAcellus has just released some major changes in how Special Lessons are assigned to students and are managed by teachers in Acellus courses. For Students - Special Lessons are Dynamically Assigned Special Lessons are no longer assigned to students with "Due Dates.” Instead, they are integrated directly into the course and are assigned to the students as they progress through the course. This allows the Special Lessons to be aligned more tightly with the course material and also presents students with a less obtrusive...

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Acellus Releases High School Environmental Science Course

New Science CourseAcellus has released a new general science course for high school students in one of my favorite subject areas  Environmental Science.  Taught by Acellus Course Instructor Mike Carney, the course gives high school students a general but rigorous introduction to the study of the natural world and how it is influenced by human activity. Similar to the previously released Acellus AP Environmental Science but on a more basic level, students explore the patterns and processes of Earth and how these...

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New Acellus Feature – Merge Multiple Student Accounts

 Merge Acellus AccountsWe have just released a new Acellus feature to help streamline managing student accounts. In cases where students, for one reason or another, have more than one Acellus account — with separate class enrollments / completed work — teachers can use the new ‘Merge Students’ feature to merge all related accounts into one. Merging student accounts is sometimes necessary when students have been working in multiple schools and are now transferring all of their work into one school or when student...

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Acellus Adds New Grading Feature — Attendance

Student Attendance - Blog PostAcellus teachers who are looking for a way to include student attendance as part of overall student performance can now do so, either with or without impacting student grades. This new Acellus feature generates a score based on student Attendance and integrates it right into the Acellus Gradebook.  For greater flexibility and control,  the Attendance feature allows teachers to determine both if and how much students’ individual attendance will impact their grades.   Acellus...</p><a class=Continue Reading

New Acellus Course – AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science PrincipalsFor students preparing for high-tech careers, Acellus has released its latest technology-focused high school course, AP Computer Science Principles.  This rigorous curriculum introduces students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, big data, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. Taught by Acellus Course Instructors Robert Getka and Lori Hunt, the course is California A-G Approved and has been audited and approved by College Board to provide students with a college-level learning experience.  In this course, students will learn to create and implement computer...

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Move to Mars ? Or Fix Up Earth — the Hydrogen Community

Telegraph - Roger BillingsTo me, developing the first hydrogen-powered home — the Hydrogen Homestead — wasn’t just a project to prove I could do it. To me it was a model for things to come.  Now, these many years later, an entire Hydrogen Community is on the near horizon.  I recently shared with the students I am mentoring some of the technologies I developed while working on the Hydrogen Homestead, and we then explored what we would need in order to make an entire...

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…another of my favorite quotes

This quote by one of my mentors, Bill Lear, reflects an attitude he literally engrained in me during the time I spent as his protege. A man of few words, he occasionally let spill some glimmering shards from his store of razor-sharp wisdom:

Leave your mark on the world... 
Lear Quote

" … To get there, what you need is an idea!  Too many never arrive because they haven’t decided where they’re trying to get...

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Acellus Offers New AP Environmental Science Course

Acellus AP Environmental ScienceThis new Acellus AP course is close to my heart because of its focus on caring for our environment, something I have been involved in with my hydrogen work over the past 50 years. The course is targeted for advanced students who are looking to understand the intricate interrelationships of the natural world and how to evaluate and responsibly solve environmental problems. It takes a scientific approach to examine principles, concepts, and methodologies in interrelated fields such as geology, biology, chemistry, and...

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