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New Flag Catches Students Who are Guessing

One of the tools Acellus provides to teachers is the Live Class Monitor, which allows them to watch over all the students in their classes real-time. The Monitor lets teachers zero in on the students that need their personal attention, even providing the details of what they are stuck on. A key point that Acellus urges teachers to watch for and prevent as they work with their classes is student guessing. With the powerful reporting system built into Acellus, this information can be derived by carefully evaluating individual student answers. Continue Reading

Acellus Adds New STEM for Elementary — Elementary Engineering

We have recently released a new Acellus STEM course for elementary schools - Elementary Engineering. This is a course we believe will capture the imaginations of young students while at the same time introduce them to a myriad of possible careers in the engineering field. Acellus Engineering The new course is designed to stimulate these young minds with a basic understanding of the engineering design process and give them actual practice in applying it. At the same time, it exposes them to a wide...

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NEW: Acellus 5-Star Course – Epic Moments in World History

The new Acellus “Epic Moments in World History” course is a Hollywood-style high school elective that examines the pivotal events which have defined world history. The course spans the early civilizations of the Indus Valley through to the Cold War crisis and the global events that are shaping our modern times. Washington Crossing - Epic Moments The choice of the subject matter for this course and the way it is presented stimulate critical thinking in students as they make connections between these significant moments in time and...

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Acellus Provides New “Standardized Test” Report

Acellus has added a new feature to the School Performance Reports: the Acellus Standardized Test. This is a Norm-Referenced Achievement Report that allows schools to compare final exam scores on the Acellus courses taken in their school to the National Norm. The report also provides statistical data to help in analyzing sub-populations within the school. To access this new report, launch the ‘Performance Reports’ (available to teachers as well as district administrators) from ‘My Desk.’   Click on the new button ‘Export Standardized Test Results’ and select the school year you...

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Acellus Launches the Internet of Learning — a New Internet for Education

Today our world is under cyberattack. It’s becoming a very big, a very dangerous, and a very expensive problem. Not surprisingly, then, our schools are under cyberattack.
To protect school networks from these attacks and still provide the enrichment of digital resources, Acellus has created the Internet of Learning — a new Internet designed specifically for education that gives students access to essential information without opening the door to Internet-spawned...

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New Acellus Feature: Students Can Now Upload Assignments

Many types of student assignments need to be uploaded to the teacher for grading.  The process of uploading homework in Acellus has now been significantly expanded with the new Acellus student upload feature. With the new feature, assignments can be uploaded to teachers digitally, either in the form of a text document or as an image. When students click the ‘Special Lessons’ button and find they have an assignment to do, they can click ‘Add Work’ to have the option of creating a document or an image that they can then ‘Turn...

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Acellus Credit Recovery Mode – Targeted Rescue for Failing Students

The Acellus Credit Recovery Mode: Redefining “credit recovery” The Acellus Credit Recovery Mode was created specifically to meet a dynamic credit recovery need. Note that it is a “mode” — not a separate curriculum. Rather than a different course, it is a different way of administering a course, providing on-demand, targeted credit/learning recovery tailored to the individual student with total teacher control of the material to be covered. Teachers can activate Credit Recovery for any student at any time with a single click — even if the student is in...

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A 10-Inch Robot is Poised to Revolutionize STEM Education for Special Ed

The robot — Cellus Bot — is part of the new Acellus STEM Robotics Lab designed to pique the imagination while building STEM skills in students with special needs. Why STEM for Special Ed? We know from recent studies that the number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) alone is on the rise - 1 in 45 at the latest report. We also know that a large number of students diagnosed with an ASD actually gravitate toward STEM fields —...

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“Foundations of Music” Course – New Acellus Elective

The new Foundations of Music course is an Acellus elementary school elective that gives students a basic but broad introduction to music. It includes a brief history of western music, with its different periods and musical types, and highlights some of the famous composers from Bach to Aaron Copland. It also gives students an overview of world music traditions and sounds, as well as basic instruction in music notation. One of the course highlights is the demonstration of different musical instruments by members of the U.S. Army Field Band, who give a brief history of their instruments, explain...

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Acellus Expands High School Language Electives with French I

High school students wishing to study French as a second language now have that opportunity with Acellus' newly released “French I” course. A major objective of the course is to help students become conversant in French in a variety of situations and environments. The lessons present sets of words and then use them in common phrases that students will most likely need to understand and may want to use. Students learn to converse on practical subjects such as types and styles of clothing, places to go in the city, objects they would...

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New “Instructional Standards in Education” Course

For students interested in pursuing a teaching or administrative career in education, Acellus now offers the "Instructional Standards in Education and Training" course that gives an eye-opening overview of what to expect and how to prepare. The course provides an abundance of practical and valuable information and insight, delivered by veteran Acellus teacher Todd Edmond, who draws on a wealth of experience from his own teaching career. Beginning with the preparation necessary to become a teacher and continuing with getting a teaching job, creating lesson plans, organizing self and classroom, and meeting the basic...

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Acellus Adds Introduction to Accounting to CTE Electives

The new Acellus “Introduction to Accounting” course gives a comprehensive overview of the field of accounting and is targeted to students who are contemplating an accounting or accounting-related career. The course is also worthwhile for students who anticipate starting their own business or who otherwise need a basic understanding of financial operations. “Introduction to Accounting” covers the fundamental accounting principles from financial statements, accounts payable/receivable, inventory, and payroll to more advanced subjects such as financial ratios, cash controls, special assets, taxes, regulations, and ethics. The breadth of the topics addressed in the course...

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