Technical Support

Acellus Technical Specifications

System requirements for running Acellus Version 7 on a client device are as follows:






OS Windows 10 or higher macOS 11 or higher iOS 15.4 or higher 8.0 (Oreo) or higher ChromeOS with Android App support
Browsers Edge Chrome Firefox Safari Chrome Firefox Acellus App Chrome Android Built-in Browser Acellus App

All Operating Systems: Acellus requires an Internet connection. Speakers or headphones and a microphone are recommended. Students may be given assignments where they can build a presentation or other project with online tools that they know how to use but specific tools or plugins are not required.

Acellus App

The Acellus App will allow your student to easily sign into Acellus and provides a secure way to sign into the Teacher/Parent Interface.

Acellus Hardware

Information regarding Acellus Servers, Acellus Tablets and Acellus 3D Tablets.


Frequently asked questions regarding Acellus hardware, set-up and management.

Need Additional Help?

Acellus Technical Support Specialists are available to answer additional questions you may have about your Acellus System.


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