Acellus for Special Education

Success for All Learners

Incorporating Acellus into programs for special needs learners has completely changed the educational experience for both students and educators.  Acellus gives educators a whole new arsenal of tools they can rely upon to more truly engage students, cater content to their need and academic skill level, and empower students to achieve their educational goals.

Acellus can be easily incorporated into IEPs for those students classified as Special Education students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and allows schools to provide specialized services to students with various needs.

Courses Designed Specifically for Special Education Students…

Schools that have incorporated Acellus into their Special Education programs have found that special needs students are very quickly able to start experiencing success, and are often even able to achieve grade level expectations.  The International Academy of Science has spent years researching how special education students learn best, and developing the methodology to most effectively reach these learners.

Acellus Special Education courses are specifically designed for students with disabilities, and incorporate the tools needed to assess, adapt, and individualize course material for students.  These courses have been developed to be achievable by Special Education Students, while still incorporating the rigor of standards-based courses. Content is taught at a deeper level, allowing students to spend more time on each concept, and increasing the students’ depth of knowledge on each topic.  This enables students to approach, and even meet, grade-level standards.

Acellus classes are broken into small concepts, and each concept is taught via video instruction.   Videos are short and concise, and designed to convey just one concept.  After the instruction, the student is given an assessment designed to determine the students’ mastery of the concept presented.  If the student shows mastery on that topic, they are moved forward to the next lesson. However, if additional help is required, another video will be delivered automatically, targeting the deficiency in the students’ understanding.


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The amazing thing about the Acellus Program is that through the Placement Exam, our students with special needs were placed into 13 different classes appropriate for their individual levels. This differentiation allows them to work at their own pace in completing the course work appropriate for their level. Consequently, our students have been able to make gains of 2 to 3 years in a single semester. The amount of curriculum covered thus far is astonishing. The “on task” and “task completion” behaviors have increased tremendously. All of this would not have been possible without the Acellus Learning System.

– Troy Mircovich, Superintendent,  – Ingleside ISD, Texas

Preparing Special Needs Students for Successful Careers in STEM

A focus of the International Academy of Science to help schools deploy Acellus STEM Robotic Labs and STEM curriculum for their special needs learners.  Recent studies from credible sources show that a higher percentage of special education students transition into STEM related careers, when compared to other students. Integrating Acellus STEM Robotics Labs into the special education environment allows educators to prepare classified students to be college-ready, and prepared for a successful career in STEM.

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Special Education Courses

Acellus Special Education Courses are available in all subject areas, and grade levels, K-12.   Acellus also covers a wide selection of career courses for transition planning, to help special needs students be prepared to enter the post-secondary environment.  These classes help ensure that the students’ transition from school to adult life is as smooth as possible.




Acellus Course Spotlight: Special Learning

Special Learning I & II are two courses developed specifically to help students in basic special needs classes.  Taught by Dr. Jody Sauer, an expert in teaching students with special needs, the course is engaging for students on varying grade levels.

Special Learning is developed for Special Needs students (e.g. Down Syndrome, Autism, etc.) that are educationally and developmentally challenged. It will introduce them to a broad range of beginning math and reading skills, as well as signing to enhance their communication ability.

This course is taught in a format that incorporates awareness and life skills for home, out-of-doors, and the community. It also includes intriguing songs and drills to help students memorize important facts. Known material is reviewed and new concepts are introduced, thereby building a solid fundamental foundation and increasing self-esteem in their learning abilities.

This course includes lessons in: Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Time and Seasons, Signing & Communication Skills, Independent Living Skills, and Home Economics.

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