The Technology Behind the Success

Why is Acellus so effective?

Acellus has advanced to become a leader in web-learning, applying technologies developed to turn the learning process into a science.  Schools that are utilizing Acellus as their web-learning tool are seeing significant improvements on standardized testing, and improvement overall in the attitudes and confidence of their students.  Acellus systematically reviews the science behind the learning process, studies the delivery of curriculum, discovers innovative solutions to teach more effectively, and empowers students to be college ready and career prepared.


Video: What is Acellus?

I2 – Intelligent Interaction

Acellus is the only online learning system that utilizes I2 (Intelligent Interaction), which technology enables it to cater the educational content to the individual skill set of each student through customized, personal instruction. The end result is students that were struggling, and at risk of dropping out, soon are able to fill in the gaps needed for success, and over a short period of time gain back the confidence needed to succeed in school, the workforce, and life.

Acellus courses are taught via tiered video instruction – each course is broken up into individual concepts, and each concept has multiple videos available. Acellus is able to customize the course to the individual pace and level of each student.

As the student progresses through the course, every response is recorded and monitored, and through I2 technology, personalized help videos are delivered right when the student needs assistance in a concept.

Student Success Zone

According to the “Success Zone” philosophy developed by Dr. Rog Billings, 100 percent of the students in a class CAN succeed in learning. The challenge is to transform “stuck” students into successful learners.

One of the principle missions of Acellus is to empower the teacher in helping each student find their Success Zone.

Student Success Zone

Swiss Cheese Problems

In Acellus, we create special problems for the purpose of identifying where a student has a hole in their background knowledge that’s making it hard for them to learn a particular concept.

This special kind of a problem in Acellus we call a “Swiss Cheese Problem,” because it helps us find holes in a student’s understanding.

Swiss Cheese Problems

What makes Acellus courses so engaging?

Acellus courses are taught by master teachers that have expertise in conveying knowledge, and even “hard to grasp” concepts, through video instruction. Through the combination of excellent instruction and immediate feedback, students are quickly able to start experiencing success within their coursework.

Students are able to access Acellus courses through the intuitive student interface. After logging in, they are able to select from their list of classes. Acellus takes them right to their current position in the course they have been enrolled in, and automatically marks their attendance for the class.

Students can see the progress they are making in each class, and their score for each class. The Acellus messaging tool allows students to easily interact with the local teacher at the school. Students are able to access Acellus via the web, allowing them to work from school or home.

The Student Experience

Help Video:

Special help videos are integrated into the course content for concepts students have difficulty with. These videos not only help the student master the content, but provide the student with “real world” scenarios, creating a meaningful context for obscure concepts.

Acellus has launched a new initiative
to create Five Star Courses – “five star” in the way that they help students grasp and master concepts. The lessons are filmed in a diversity of locations with only the best and most qualified instructors, keeping them fun and exciting so that both students and onsite teachers will rate the courses as 5 stars.

Why is Acellus the most affordable learning system?

Acellus courses are developed by the International Academy of Science – a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization. Through grants and other funding sources, the International Academy of Science is able use master teachers, who are experts in their field of knowledge, to develop the Acellus courses. These grants also cover most of the costs that are associated with creating and maintaining the courseware. This allows the Academy to provide Acellus courses to schools at a fraction of the cost that most online courseware providers charge.

Grants for Acellus – Matching Grants are available to schools who wish to incorporate Acellus into their programs.  For more information on current grant programs, please contact the International Academy of Science by phone at 816-229-3800, or via our contact form.

Empowering the Educator

The Acellus Teacher portal allows teachers unlimited access to detailed information on how students are progressing through the Acellus course material.

The Live Student Monitor allows teachers to view student’s activity real-time, notifying them when a student struggles in any concept, or is inactive for an extended period of time.

The Acellus Gradebook keeps track of every action done through the system – grades and responses on every assignment and exam are recorded, as well as the length of time spent on every video and lesson.

Attendance and “time spent on task” are automatically recorded – teachers and administrators are able to pull reports on a particular student, for the class, or for the entire school if needed.

Acellus Course Library

Acellus courses cover all core areas, K-12. Standards-based course content is available in mathematics, social studies, science, language arts, reading, as well as electives and College Board Approved advanced placement courses. These courses can be deployed by schools as a stand-alone solution, or as a supplement to enhance the teacher instruction. Acellus offers courses that fit a wide spectrum of needs, from special needs to honors students.

Courses by Grade Level