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Created by the International Academy of Science, the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is one of the three sections of the Science Information System, an electronic repository of scientific information including the Journal of Science, the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, and the Scientific Community Registry. The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology is a reference resource containing a compilation of scientific and technological information in the form of articles written by Members of the Scientific Community Registry. Each article is presided over by a workgroup, which is led by a Principal Author. The Principal Author carries the primary responsibility for the article and coordinates the efforts of the other members of the article workgroup, including an unlimited number of Contributors. Working together, the members of the workgroup keep the article up to date and accurate, publishing the latest information available on each topic.

A Member of sufficient membership level may initiate a new article, thus becoming the Principal Author of the article, or may become a Contributor by contributing acceptable content or making acceptable edits to the article. Workgroups that Members belong to are listed by article title on the Member's profile page, giving them the recognition they have earned. There is no limit to the number of workgroups a Member may belong to.

Articles are published to the Encyclopedia, where members can make changes to the article or contribute to discussions about changes. The Principal Author is responsible for making sure the article is accurate, professional, and current.

The articles of the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology can be found through search engines on the Internet, or through the search page in the Science Information System website, where members of the Scientific Community Registry who are not members of an article workgroup can make comments to the workgroup.

For more information about privileges associated with various Membership Levels, please see the Science Information System Membership Levels.