Join the International Academy of Science

In fulfillment of its mission to promote the advancement of science and education, the International Academy of Science Membership Program brings together scientists, technologists, and other professionals in an atmosphere of association and collaboration.

Among its benefits, Academy Members have access to the Science Information System which includes the following:

  • Scientific Community Registry – a searchable directory of names, affiliations, credentials, and technical expertise of members of the scientific community
  • Encyclopedia of Science and Technology – a reference resource containing a compilation of scientific and technological information in the form of articles written by Members of the Scientific Community Registry
  • Journal of Science – a forum where Members can publish peer-reviewed articles and reports on their research projects

Candidates for membership in the Academy may apply online. Applications will be subject to audit and verification of credentials.

Join the Academy


Fellows are recognized by the International Academy of Science for an outstanding contribution to science, engineering, and/or technology.  Read More

Code of Ethics

Members commit themselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct.  Read the Code of Ethics