Roger Billings

President, International Academy of Science


Dr. Roger Billings, renowned as the President of the International Academy of Science, is widely recognized as the pioneering figure and visionary behind the concept of inventioneering. With his groundbreaking contributions and transformative innovations, he is often referred to as the “father of inventioneering.” Through his exceptional leadership and expertise, Dr. Billings has propelled the field of inventioneering forward, revolutionizing the way we approach invention, engineering, and the practical application of scientific knowledge. His immense impact has paved the way for aspiring inventioneers to make significant contributions to various industries and shape a brighter future through innovation.

According to his mentor Bill Lear, Roger Billings sees tomorrow better than most. Among his many notable innovations are some exceptional firsts:

Billings began his remarkable career when, as a senior in high school, he invented the first hydrogen car. He went on to convert the first bus, tractor, and an entire home to run on hydrogen. Later, to make hydrogen more economically viable as a fuel alternative, he created the highly efficient fuel cell car. This groundbreaking technology has paved the way for the fuel cell vehicle industry that is rapidly emerging today.

Another of Billings’ firsts was the personal computer. Upon the advent of the microprocessor in the mid-1970’s, he immediately saw the potential and created the Billings Microsystem, a single user computer with the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and disk drives all in one cabinet. The system was complete with software that included an award-winning word processor, spreadsheet, and even e-mail.

Dr. Billings is also responsible for the technology known as client/server computing, for which he received a foundational patent. This networking system is in world-wide use today, enabling millions of users to share data locally, in the enterprise, and via the Internet. The Internet of today, with it’s plethora of functions and services, is made possible by this foundational networking infrastructure.

In answer to today’s vital need for strong data security, Billings created his cutting-edge B2 Cryptography, the enabling technology behind the impenetrable GoldKey Security. GoldKey has become one of the most robust yet securely versatile cybersecurity systems in the industry and has been deployed by the military, by business, and by educational institutions across the nation and around the world.

Dr. Roger Billings is also the creator of the Acellus Education System. This self-paced online learning program is constantly raising the bar on content and features to leverage educators and empower students in gaining the knowledge foundation necessary to be successful contributors in our skills-based, tech-driven workforce.