Acellus Webinars

Due Diligence Webinar

The Due Diligence Webinar is designed to empower administrators and their appointed representatives to complete their due diligence on Acellus. The goal of this webinar is to provide attendees with the needed information and resources to prepare a complete due diligence report and allow an environment for important questions to be addressed.

Quick-Start Webinar

The Quick-Start Webinar is designed for teachers and administrators playing an active role in the Acellus implementation. Webinar participants will be guided through GoldKey set-up, class creation, student enrollment, and an introduction to key Acellus Best Practices. Attendees should have their GoldKey and Laptop. (Target Length: 30 minutes)

Deployment Webinar

This webinar is for schools that have already acquired Acellus and need to develop a deployment plan for their school’s Acellus implementation. The Deployment Webinar focuses on identifying the organizational steps and set-up functions that should occur prior to the Go Live Date of the school.

Specific deployment steps discussed during this webinar include the following:

  • Training & Professional Development
  • Acellus Media Server Set-up
  • Student Profile Import
  • Creating Classes and Enrolling Students
  • “Go Live Date” Preparations

Advanced Webinar

Each of the Advanced Acellus Webinars is designed to provide training on a key tool in Acellus that has a significant impact on the effectiveness of an Acellus deployment.  A list of Advanced Webinars can be found below.

  • Live Class Monitor Webinar
  • Goals and Onsite Lessons Webinar
  • Success Zone Webinar
  • Rollout Webinar
  • End of Year Rollover Webinar
  • Credit Recovery Webinar
  • Tutoring Program Webinar
  • STEM Lab Webinar

Request a Webinar

To schedule a webinar for your team, contact your Acellus Coordinator regarding the webinar type that best fits needs.

I knew very little about the program before coming, now I can not wait to implement it in my class. I think it will allow me to truly teach to all levels in my class without going too slow for the advanced students and too fast for the slower ones.

Heather Oberle Language Arts Dept. Chair in Nokesville, VA