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Acellus in Action

Acellus Student Group 2

Plainfield School District, Plainfield, NJ

The Plainfield School District sees their graduation rate climbs from 75% to 90.1% after one year of using Acellus.
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Alhambra Unified School District, Alhambra, CA

The Alhambra Unified School District sees success in their Credit Recovery program.
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Chino Valley Unified School District, Chino, CA

Chino Valley Unified School District is successfully using Acellus for distance learning.
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Detroit Public Schools, Detroit, MI

Special Education students at Detroit Public Schools are able to progress at an accelerated rate.
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Redondo Beach Unified School District, Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach Unified School District finds success using Acellus in their Adult Education, Credit Recovery and Virtual School programs.
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St. Louis Public Schools, St. Louis, MO

At St. Louis Public Schools students will graduate who wouldn’t have without Acellus.
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St. Joseph High School, Metuchen, NJ

At St. Joseph’s Prep, Acellus helps students from various backgrounds to quickly transition to the rigor of High School level requirements.
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  • Since we've begun using ACELLUS our graduation rate has steadily increased. So much so, that our 2014 graduation rate climbed from under 75% to 90.1%. I can honestly say that a huge part of this success can be attributed to the ACELLUS Program. ACELLUS has my highest endorsement.

    Otis Brown, Principal
    Plainfield High School, NJ
  • Like most school districts, we have the challenge of meeting a wide range of learning abilities and interests and still provide proper curricular scope and sequence with fidelity. We looked at several on-line programs to help meet this need and discovered Acellus. While many factors go into making a final decision, video based instruction with highly qualified educators that is affordable (especially with the grant program) and connected to the common core were key. Acellus allows us to meet the needs of our special education population, talented and gifted students, those in need of credit recovery, or those who simply want a non traditional approach to their education. Acellus has proven to be dynamic as they consistently add more programs to their curriculum, thus meeting the needs of more students. We consider Acellus an important aspect of our educational program.

    Jerry Peacock
    Principal, Baker High School, OR
  • Acellus has become a powerful resource for the students at Telegraph Intermediate School. In an era of which children come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and situations, Acellus gives our educators the ability to meet the individual needs of each and every student in our building. From At-Risk students to Gifted and Talented, Special Education and the regular classroom setting, we have witnessed positive growth in reading, mathematics, and science. Our students are more cognitively engaged, our behavior referrals have declined, and our students are becoming more and more confident in their academic abilities each day.

    Gabriel Cervantes
    Principal, Jefferson R-VII School District, MO
  • This is my first year using Acellus, and have found it to be an excellent program for transfer students who need required credits for graduation. We had a student transfer into our school who needed a Fine Arts credit – through Acellus we were able to enroll him into a Fine Arts Music Appreciation course. Within a matter of months he was able to complete the entire course, gain the needed credit, and found contrary to his original belief that he enjoyed the course, and was able to gain appreciation for the different types of music presented in the course. We are grateful for the options Acellus gives our students!

    Dee Ann Johnson, Guidance Counselor
    Grenora School District, ND
  • I want to let you know how pleased I am with Acellus program. It provides a really economical way to run a summer school program so students can recover credits failed during the previous school year. This past summer, we had 60 students out 74 who had failed one or more classes recover all of their credits through the wide range of Accellus courses available to them. The teachers that run the summer program enroll students, answer questions during the summer that students may have via the Acellus email system, and report completed courses to my guidance counselor. I can run the whole summer school program, including the cost of the Acellus course licenses, for under $3,000! I really appreciate the support of the grant funders who make the Acellus licensing so affordable for schools. The Acellus program truly helps students stay on track so they can graduate on time!

    Jim Christenson, Principal
    Crosby-Ironton High School, MN
  • Using Acellus in our K-12 Special Education program has provided our school district a powerful tool to support the diverse learning needs of our students. Acellus gives schools individualized core instruction adaptable at each student's learning level while providing built-in specialized resources through differentiation, customized note taking, and progress monitoring. Our teachers use Acellus at varying levels of support ranging from full independent study courses to sheltered whole group, small group as well as targeted interventions. Acellus accompanied by specially designed support for each student is a recipe for success!

    Kelly Kronbauer, Special Program Director
    Lake Chelan School District, WA
  • Two of our high school students needed to catch up on their credits in order to graduate. In one year on Acellus, they were both able to complete the Pre-Algebra Credit Recovery course and then complete a full year of Algebra I. Both students were able to graduate on time with their other classmates. Another student, with just one year on Acellus, completed full courses of Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and one half of the Algebra II course. He was not only able to graduate but is now planning on attending college and majoring in engineering.

    Michael Jacobson, Math Teacher
    Little Wound High School, SD