Acellus for Response to Intervention (RTI)

Targeted Prescriptive Instruction

Acellus is an ideal solution for schools offering Response to Intervention (RTI) programs. Acellus provides targeted intervention for students, integrating prescriptive assessments and customized content, based on the student’s skills and individual needs. This can be effectively incorporated into RTI multi-level tiered intervention systems.

The first tier embeds good core initial teaching, a second-tier intervention provides leveled instruction with greater intensity plugging the holes in individual learning, and a third tier of leveled intervention with individualized instruction. RTI Teachers say they recommend the Acellus tools for progress monitoring because they are provided specific interventions targeting student’s needs, interventions adapted to each student’s individual level, and specific instruction designed to ensure each student’s academic success.

Prescriptive assessments designed with Deficiency Diagnostic (DD) technology identify specific gaps in students’ knowledge based upon their response to the presented concepts. Acellus then provides Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) to apply targeted intervention in the prescribed areas. The students are subsequently re-assessed to insure that the concepts identified and addressed have been retained. If gaps still exist, the student will again be presented with the relevant concepts and then re-assessed to determine comprehension. Acellus will deliver additional versions of instruction to students when data shows that multi-level instruction is required, making it ideal for Response to Intervention programs.

Acellus courses can be used to leverage teachers in providing targeted intervention for students classified as at-risk. The progress monitoring and prescriptive assessments used by Acellus in which all student response data is collected allows teachers to analyze student performance at any time. This allows teachers to respond quickly to individual student needs. The student response data also aids teachers in identifying students with learning and other disabilities.

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