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Acellus Grant Opportunities

The International Academy of Science, a not-for-profit, 501c3 organization, is actively engaged in seeking out grant funding to support the educational programs in both public and private educational institutions.  Acellus, a project of the International Academy of Science, was developed to turn the learning process into a science, discover new methods for improving the educational achievement of K-12 learners, and advance education through the deployment of innovative technologies.

An Acellus course utilizes a rich blend of photos, artwork, and other multimedia offerings from several generous sources and are provided to students at no cost. A community of volunteers and charitable contributions support the teams of courseware development.  Supplemental grant and scholarship funding complements the registration fees for students and schools. The actual cost for students and schools is a modest fee to help cover the record-keeping services and fees for licensing, developing, and delivering courseware.

Grant applications are currently being accepted for the following programs:

STEM Grant for Special Education

This grant program has been created to help schools deploy Acellus STEM Robotic Labs and STEM curriculum for their special needs learners.  Recent studies from credible sources show that a higher percentage of special education students transition into STEM related careers, when compared to other students. Integrated Acellus STEM Robotics Labs into the special education environment allows educations to prepare classified students to be college-ready, and prepared for a successful career.

“In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, scientists found that students diagnosed with autism had the highest STEM participation rates.  By examining 11,000 students nationwide, they found that young adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder chose STEM majors in college more often than their peers in the general population — 34 percent versus less than 23 percent”.

Not only do special needs students gravitate towards STEM careers, but the career opportunities in STEM fields, such as computer science, have exploded over the past few years, and it is anticipated that the demand will only grow over the next decade.

Eye-opening statistics about career readiness are seemingly everywhere these days, and nowhere is that more apparent than when it comes to the future of STEM, where jobs are rapidly growing — up 17 percent from 2014 to 2024 by one estimate — and could reach 8.6 million by 2018.  In that light, the scramble to provide students with hard skills, like robotics and coding, coupled with related soft skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration, seems only natural.”  (eSchool News article by Stephen Noonoo – September 3rd, 2015)

Through this grant, matching funds are available to cover 50% of the cost of Acellus STEM Learning Pods, Acellus licenses, and media servers.  Grant funding is also available to cover 100% of the tuition for the three-day Acellus Camp Certification and Training.

To request information on the Acellus STEM Grant for Special Education for your school or district, please contact the International Academy of Science by phone, or via our contact form.

National Grant

US based schools can apply for the National Grant which can be used to supply matching grant funding for Acellus licenses, media servers, and training.  The National Grant program is facilitated through the International Academy of Science, and was created to support web-learning, and the effective use of technology in the educational setting.  Public and private educational institutions are equally eligible for funding opportunities.  Funding can be applied towards numerous learning environments, and is designed to promote a well-rounded educational experience for all learners.  Programs eligible include: blended learning for the mainstream environment, credit recovery, special education, english language learners, career and technical education, college readiness and advanced placement, foreign languages, computer science, arts, and STEM.

Training for teachers and administrators in the area of web-learning is also included in the grant programs.  The International Academy of Science offers a three-day Web-learning Certification and Training Course that is designed to empower administrators and teachers to effectively deploy web-learning programs. Educators attending this training will learn effective strategies for deploying web-learning in diverse programs supporting special needs programs for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) and Individual Education Program (IEP) support, home hospital care, credit recovery, career and technical education, advanced placement, English as a Second Language (ESL), summer school enrichment, and independent studies. Participants acquire specialized targeted training on best practices for effectively managing and operating web-learning deployments.

Matching funds are available to cover 50% of the cost of Acellus student licenses, media servers and onsite training. Scholarships are also available to cover 100% of the tuition for the three-day Web-learning Certification and Training Course for up to 10 people.  To request information on the matching grant for your school, please contact the International Academy of Science by phone, or via our contact form.


Acellus State Coordinators are available to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have about grant opportunities for your school.

Contact Information:

Phone: (816) 229-3800
(877) 411-1138 (toll-free)

Fax: (816) 229-1000

7:00 am – 7:00 pm Central Time, Monday – Thursday
7:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Time, Friday


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Special thanks to:

The Academy recognizes Discover Financial Services for contributing $916,007 in grant funding to help schools purchase Acellus through their Pathway to Financial Success program. Learn More

The Academy recognizes Google for their recurring grant contributions through the Google Grants Program. Since April of 2012, Google has contributed $673,979 to build awareness of the Academy’s charitable programs.