Dara Oswald

Acellus Course Instructor
Total Courses: 1

Ms. Oswald received a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Education from the University of Kansas as well as a Master of Science in Education from Pittsburg State University. Ms. Oswald is recognized by the International Academy of Science for her work in the Acellus Intermediate Language Arts I course. Since beginning to teach in 2003, she has taught Middle School Language Arts in De Soto Public Schools and in Olathe Public Schools, both in Kansas. She has served as a Lead English Teacher and as a Building Leadership Team Member. Ms. Oswald was honored as the Teacher of the Year at Monticello Trails Middle School in 2007. She has published in two professional books and has composed technical manuals, handbooks, and other instructional publications utilized regularly by more than 600 professionals district-wide. Ninety-seven percent of her students have performed at Standard level or above – reaching the Kansas State Standard of Excellence every year she has taught.

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