Dr. John Billings

Acellus Course Instructor
Total Courses: 3

Dr. John Billings is one of the founders of CybrSecurity Corporation, and is the co-inventor of b² Cryptography, a breakthrough innovation for encryption key distribution and management. As the Vice President of Research of CybrSec, he leads the technology development team working on advanced authentication and security projects. John is also the chief developer of the hardware and firmware utilized in GoldKey security tokens and GoldKey security vaults. Dr. John Billings became the Vice President of Research and Development at WideBand Corporation in 2003. In that position, he was responsible for the development of the WideBand Professional family of high performance networking equipment. WideBand networking switches are best known for their ability to signal at gigabit data rates over conventional category-5 cable. WideBand is also the developer of patented nano-latency networking technology. The International Academy of Science is pleased to recognize Dr. John for his ground-breaking work in the Introduction to Coding & Introduction to Coding 2 courses, part of the Academy's STEM10 Initiative.

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