Acellus Certifications

Distinguish yourself with an Acellus Certification.

Certified Teacher

Certified Administrator

Certified Instructor

Acellus Teacher Certification

Learn best practices for integrating Acellus into your classroom.

Developed for teachers using Acellus in their classrooms, this online course introduces teachers to numerous tools and features of Acellus.

Participants will be taken through the step by step process of getting an implementation up and running while learning about the Acellus Core Technologies.

Educators can access this course by selecting Teacher Development on My Desk of the Teacher Interface.

Acellus Administrator Certification

Attend Acellus Educator Training to become an expert.

The Acellus Educator Training is an extensive certification and training event that is designed to empower administrators and teachers to effectively deploy web-learning programs. This three-day training is held at the International Academy of Science (IAS) in Kansas City. Educators attending will learn effective strategies for deploying Acellus in diverse programs, including credit recovery, special education, remediation, gifted, and advanced placement. They will also be trained on best practices for effectively managing and operating blended learning deployments. It is recommended that districts have at least one Acellus Educator Training recipient at each school in the district.

Attendees who demonstrate proficiency in setting up and configuring Acellus deployments will receive the Acellus Administrator Certification from IAS.

This certification indicates educators who are prepared to help maintain a school or district implementation of the Acellus Education System and to assist teachers with Acellus class setup and management.

  • I've been to many trainings in the past 18 years in education and this is the BEST of them all! All the extras made me feel at home and all the staff was always so nice!

    Rosalinda Baeza
    Mescalero Apache School, NM
  • The training was very engaging, fun, and informative. I really enjoyed the facilitation style of the training team. Time given to collaborate with other trainees and coordinators was wonderful. Love the team approach to competitions. Food was wonderful and hot! Sufficient breaks and plenty of refreshments. Overall a very welcoming experience with rich content.

    Marsha Inniss-Mitchell, Career & College Coordinator
    Boston Public Schools, MA
  • The training was very informative! I knew a little bit about how to set everything up for my classes, but I liked that the trainers went into depth about all aspects of set up. Trainers were very knowledgeable and had answers for all questions! Good job!

    Kellie Fry
    Paschal Sherman Indian School, WA
  • Overall, this training was very relevant and timely for me and the team that came with. There is so much to take in, but the pace of learning was perfect.

    Steve Morben
    Eight Mile School District #6, ND
  • Absolutely loved the staff! Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I very much needed the multiple day training to fully understand this program. Acellus is, by far, the most complete and professional program I have ever been involved in with education. Well Done!!

    Stacie Dyer
    Alma School District, AR
  • Our use of Acellus has allowed our students to become more engaged and interested in their own education and development. The Acellus camp has allowed me to share additional applications for use in our school programs. I really liked the group and individual interactions throughout.

    Eric Russell
    Mohave County Juvenile Detention School, AZ

Acellus Instructor Certification

Learn to conduct your own Teacher Development at this advanced workshop.

Open only to previously certified Acellus Administrators, this hands-on workshop will help you take a proactive approach with your Acellus implementation through data analysis, professional development, and class optimization.


Participants that complete the advanced training will be awarded a certificate as an Acellus Educational Technology Instructor. They will be authorized to provide teacher development and training which will help qualify teachers for continuing education credits through the Institute of Science and Technology.  Learn More

Certification Benefits Include:

  • Hands-on lab experience perfecting your school’s implementation

  • Insight on how to surmount the biggest implementation hurdles

  • Teacher Development resources

  • Collaboration with other districts from across the country

  • Acellus Educational Technology Instructor certificate

It was very beneficial to have an advanced training. This more in depth training allowed experienced Acellus Administrators to polish and improve our skills. It helped to share ideas and awesome practices of the usage of this program.

Tito Parker, Program Coordinator, Western Iowa Tech Community College