Projects of the Academy

Angel Donor Grant

The premise of Acellus is to turn the learning process into a science and thereby study how to more effectively teach and empower students to meet and exceed their goals. Acellus uniquely leverages technology to tailor the learning experience for every student based upon their individual needs. Now, the program includes all courses for grades K-12 and has impacted over a million student learners in over 2,000 school districts nationwide.

The Angel Donor Grant is made possible through gifts from foundations, private individuals, and with the help of many dedicated volunteers committed to improving the quality of education.  This has enabled the Academy to cover much of the cost associated with delivering courses online to students. This advantage has allowed many schools to benefit from educational programs of Acellus.

Finding New Ways to Reach Students

There are many programs that have been developed to help students, these are often very expensive, difficult to use, or hard to make effective.

The Academy has focused for years on meeting the instructional needs students. Through the creation of computer-based courses that customize instruction to the individual needs of students, we have helped students to significantly accelerate their learning. By coupling this computer-based education with classroom instruction, students are able to master difficult concepts even more effectively.

What the Grant Covers

The Angel Donor Grant was created to help the numerous schools that need Acellus to reach their students but lack the funding necessary. As such, the grant assists with the coverage of the equipment, training, and set-up costs for the Acellus program.

To ensure usage of the program, schools are required to have some “skin in the game.” For this reason, the grant requires schools to provide a 50% match on the cost of Acellus Student Licenses. Licenses allow students to access unlimited content in all core areas including special education curriculum.

Become an Angel Donor

Whether making a financial gift, donating items, or volunteering, every contribution supports our mission to providing students with the best education possible.