Hawkins Fellowship Program

Sustainable Energy
Computer Science

A Degree Program of the International Academy of Science

The International Academy of Science is focused on providing the education needed to meet the evolving demands and challenges of an ever-changing global society. The workforce development program offered by the Academy is an innovative program that results in graduates prepared with in-demand skills, ready to contribute.

Rather than centered around classroom experiences with homework and exams, this Bachelor of Science degree program is focused on work-based learning — providing students with hands-on, practical knowledge and skills. Our students are placed into real-world situations where our experienced faculty works directly with them to train them to be able to accomplish real-world projects and solve everyday challenges.

IAS students aren’t burdened by the heavy debt incurred from student loans. Students are provided with a scholarship to cover tuition and fees.

IAS offers specializations in high-tech fields where qualified workers are in high demand. Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Distance Education
  • Sustainable Energy

Graduates completing our programs receive a Bachelor of Science degree — they have the job-ready, tech-focused skills and the practical work experience employers are looking for to fill in-demand jobs.

The applied education programs of the International Academy of Science empower our students with the skills and abilities needed to make a positive contribution to the workforce and to society.