Inventioneering Program

Welcome to the world of possibilities, where innovation and practical learning merge to shape the inventors, entrepreneurs, and pioneers of tomorrow.

The Educational Program

The Inventioneering Program is a revolutionary educational experience that redefines the traditional college model.  It goes beyond being a simple course; it is an extraordinary voyage that propels students to the cutting edge of applied science and engineering. Unlike traditional textbook-based learning, this program embraces a hands-on approach that immerses students in real-world applied science projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the development of essential skills through active participation and direct engagement.

By bridging the gap between academia and practical application, the Inventioneering Program equips students with a unique advantage. They gain invaluable experience in transforming their ideas into tangible realities, bringing new technologies to life, and ultimately making a positive impact on our planet. Inventioneering is the art of putting science to work for the betterment of society, and our students become the driving force behind this noble endeavor.


Hands-on Learning


Real-World Applied Science Projects


Comprehensive Curriculum for a Diverse Skill Set



Patent Law




Business Management

Financial Literacy

Life on Campus

The Inventioneering Program harnesses the cutting-edge equipment available at IST, enabling students to work with state-of-the-art tools. This includes access to data centers, advanced filming and editing facilities, robotic manufacturing systems, pick and place machines, and high-quality 3D printers capable of handling hard metals. These top-of-the-line resources provide students with the means to bring their ideas to life and engage in truly innovative endeavors.

IST boasts expertise in a variety of areas, including cybersecurity, programming, online education, filming, marketing, and manufacturing. Students can anticipate being exposed to a wide array of specialty fields, allowing them to explore different domains before eventually focusing on one or more specialties based on their individual interests and abilities.


Data Center Facilities


Advanced Video Production


Robotic Manufacturing Systems

Application and Scholarship Process

To enroll in the IST Inventioneering Program, interested students can easily register online. Please note that this is a full-time, on-campus program exclusively available to students who meet the eligibility criteria for a full scholarship.

The Inventioneering Program is designed to be an intensive and demanding educational experience. As part of this program, students will reside on campus throughout their studies. The comprehensive scholarship provided covers the costs of food, housing, and tuition, ensuring that students can fully dedicate themselves to their education. Additionally, limited part-time employment opportunities are available on campus, offering students the chance to earn some spending money while they pursue their educational goals.

Scholarships for the Inventioneering Program are granted to students based on their academic excellence, notable achievements in extracurricular activities, enthusiasm for their chosen career path, and a strong commitment to graduation.

Join the Program

To enroll in the IST Inventioneering Program, interested students can easily apply online.

About IST

The Institute of Science and Technology has been at the forefront of Inventioneering education for the past 39 years, nurturing and guiding select students towards their dreams. Its legacy in science innovation and research serves as a lighthouse to inspire future technology innovations and foster meaningful education opportunities for IST students. 

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