About IST

Empowering Innovation

The Institute of Science and Technology is an exciting place.  We operate with a philosophy that the most important thing we impart is experience and knowledge — the certifications and diplomas are just to give recognition of the knowledge.

Our Doctoral program was one of the first Doctor of Research programs created in the nation.  It was created back in 1985 and in the beginning, there was a little bit of controversy on whether or not the Doctor of Research was a valid program.  The founders of our institution felt there was a real need for a Doctoral program that involved independent research and that would prepare people for doing careers in the field at a cutting edge level.  Today, IST graduates are respected professionals in education, science, and technology enterprises and academic institutions all over the world.

IST is a program of the International Academy of Science.


Kansas City, Missouri Campus

The main campus of IST is located at the iconic Acellus Tower in Kansas City, Missouri.

This campus features laboratories, classrooms, video studios, and offices, as well as a conference center.  Onsite parking is provided.

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