About IST

Empowering Innovation

The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) is the education arm of the International Academy of Science and offers advanced degree programs in education, science, and technology-related fields.

Focusing on the crux of higher education’s goals and purposes, IST programs include relevant, applied research and innovative projects that demand the knowledge, require the tools, and generate the opportunities which will result in end-products with authentic application in today’s world.

IST offers master and doctorate level degrees in the fields of business administration, computer science, cybersecurity, distance education, and sustainable energy through rigorous programs that prepare students with the skills and experience essential for them to launch into productive post-graduate careers, empowered to make a significant, positive difference.


Kansas City, Missouri

The campus of the Institute of Science and Technology is located at the Acellus Tower in Kansas City, Missouri.

This campus features laboratories, classrooms, video studios, and offices. Onsite parking is provided.

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