Educational Programs

Education programs at the Institute Science Technology include the Applied Science Program, the Educator Preparation Program, and the Cyber Security Education Program.  Within the Applied Science Program, the Institute of Science and Technology awards Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Research degrees in the fields of Computer Science, Construction Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, and Technology Marketing.

Within the Educator Preparation Program, IST offers graduate degree programs specialized in technology-based instruction in a blended learning environment. These programs are designed to help educators meet the demands of quality online and blended learning curriculum development and teaching in the 21st century.

Applied Science Program

Applied Science Research

Bachelor of Research

Master of Research

Doctor of Research

The IST Applied Science Program provides a hands-on experience to prepare students for opportunities in high-tech industry.

Educator Preparation Program

IST Educator Preparation program

Master of Science in Education

Doctor of Research in Education

The IST Educator Preparation Program empowers graduate students with a specialization in technology-based instruction in a blended learning environment.

Cyber Security Program

IST Cyber Security

Cyber Security Research Center

The Cyber Security Research Center works to overcome technological barriers in order to establish more effective approaches for securing information resources.  Joint research projects are undertaken with graduate students, faculty, and industry participants.