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The International Academy of Science was established in 1985 by a distinguished group of scientists who saw the need to formalize a training program for persons desiring hands-on, applied training in high-tech industry.  The Institute of Science and Technology, the educational arm of the International Academy of Science, is dedicated to the advancement of applied science.

Unlike traditional educational programs offered today by most colleges and universities, the IST Applied Program offers applied degrees in which students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience.  This degree program prepares students for employment opportunities in high-tech industry.

The IST Applied Science Program is for students desiring careers in high-tech industry.  During the course of this hands-on, applied program, each IST student is provided with a learning experience in which they will have an opportunity to find solutions to real-world problems.

Funding for the IST Program comes primarily from industrial partners interested in providing valuable hands-on learning experiences to IST students.  Many students are provided with specialized training directly at the industrial partner’s facility.

Bachelor of Research Degree

The Institute of Science and Technology offers a four-year undergraduate applied education program, for which it bestows the Bachelor of Research (BR) degree.

The program provides students with foundational courses and hands-on projects to develop skills.

Master of Research Degree

The Institute of Science and Technology offers a two-year graduate applied education program, for which it bestows the Master of Research (MR) degree.

The program provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as they work toward solving real-world challenges.

Doctor of Research Degree

The Institute of Science and Technology offers a four-year post-graduate applied education program, for which it bestows the Doctor of Research (DR) degree.

The program focus is on creating viable solutions to real-world problems. As such, it goes beyond traditional research-oriented doctoral curriculums and culminates in market-ready technologies, products, and services. The doctoral program provides students with balanced preparation in all areas applicable to creating technologies and bringing them to market.


The IST Applied Science Program’s undergraduate and graduate level areas of specialization include Computer Science, Construction Technology, Manufacturing Engineering and Technical Marketing.

Computer Science

Students pursuing a Computer Science major at IST will garner a wealth of educational and research experience in high-tech computer-related technologies.

The areas of study within this IST program are aligned with rapidly expanding industries, which possess tremendous growth potential.  Expertise with these cutting-edge technologies will help prepare students to be competitive in today’s high-tech job market.

Students will be given the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in areas such as:

  • High-Speed Computer Networking
  • Data Security including Encryption and Authentication
  • Circuit Board Layout and Design
  • Verilog Chip Design
  • Large-Capacity Storage Systems

Construction Technology

This major is designed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary background in the fundamental areas of construction practice. Emphasis is placed on the technological innovations which are helping to shape new construction methodologies.

Participants work hand-in-hand with professionals in gaining practical experience in a variety of construction technologies, methods, and applications, including:

  • Carpentry and Framing
  • Concrete and Flatwork
  • Drywall and Painting
  • Flooring and Carpet

Manufacturing Engineering

Nearly everything we use, whether at work or at home, is manufactured. Manufacturing engineers are at the heart of this process.

The program provides hands-on experience in technologies such as surface-mount robotic manufacturing, wave solder, circuit-board inspection, and more.

The manufacturing expertise taught within IST programs is focused on the high-tech computing segment, including:

  • Development and Design of Custom Chips
  • Printed Circuit Board Layouts
  • Fabrication of Electronics
  • Programming of Robotic Assembly Machines

Technology Marketing

The Technology Marketing major is designed to help students develop professional marketing skills in preparation for a career in a high-tech industry.

In conjunction with industry partners, students are given hands-on experience, including the opportunity of solving real-world marketing challenges for actual products.

Students are given exposure to a broad spectrum of marketing techniques, such as:

  • Pricing Strategies
  • Brand Management
  • Digital and Online Marketing
  • Marketing Research and Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management