Educator Preparation Program

IST Educator Preparation program
Instructional Technology

IST offers graduate degree programs specialized in technology-based instruction in a blended learning environment. These programs are designed to help educators meet the demands of quality online and blended learning curriculum development.

The intent of these programs is to produce confident, skilled, and reflective professionals with best practices of online and blended learning content with pedagogical knowledge preparation and technology integration. IST ensures through coursework and field experiences that candidates develop a deep understanding of the critical concepts and principles of their online and blended learning discipline and, by the end of their graduate studies, are able to use online and blended learning discipline-specific practices flexibly to advance the learning of all students.

The research doctorate is the highest earned academic degree in U.S. postsecondary education.

U.S. Department of Education

These programs engage candidates in applied learning and involve courseware development practicum units that build online and blended learning pedagogical knowledge and skill in all candidates. Candidates demonstrate confidence, knowledge, and skill with the application of both content and pedagogical knowledge during their practicums of courseware content development.  Upon the successful completion of their development of courseware clinical practicums, candidates apply for online and blended learning Acellus Certification prior to graduation.

Educator Degrees

Full Tuition Scholarships for Educators

Through generous support of the International Academy of Science, IST currently is able to offer a limited number of full tuition scholarships for both the Master’s and Doctorate programs.  Learn More

Master of Science in Education

IST offers a two-year graduate program for educators specializing in technology-based instruction in a blended learning environment for which it bestows the Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree.

This degree is completed primarily online with onsite workshops. Students work with cutting-edge tools and live curriculum, providing unique insight and allowing participants make a positive impact on real students that will access the curriculum.

Doctor of Research in Education

IST offers a two-year post-graduate program for educators who have completed a Master of Science degree.  The program specializes in technology-based instruction in a blended learning environment and bestows the Doctor of Research in Education (DRE) degree.

Participants engage in cutting-edge research that advances the state of the art.  After reviewing the best information available, projects are formed to take the research beyond the theoretical stage and to achieve results that better mankind.