Exam Recovery Mode

Exam Recovery Mode is now available to help students after they have scored poorly on an Exam.  When students do not score well on an Exam, it is identified that they need help on specific concepts that were previously covered.  It is obvious that students need to review this material further while at the same time they need just the right intervention or they may end up becoming discouraged.

When students fail an exam, they are placed in the ‘Exam Recovery Mode’.  Here, students are presented with the problems that they missed on the exam, including the wrong answers that they entered, and are given another chance to work the problems.  If they are not able to solve the problem with another try, they are given supplemental video instruction on working that type of problem.  After they complete the video instruction, they are given another opportunity to work the problem that was missed.

Once the students have re-worked all of the problems they failed, they are given another chance to take the Exam.

The new Exam Recovery Mode eliminates the old method of having the teacher reposition each student to the lessons they missed during the exam.