“Foundations of Music” Course – New Acellus Elective

The new Foundations of Music course is an Acellus elementary school elective that gives students a basic but broad introduction to music. It includes a brief history of western music, with its different periods and musical types, and highlights some of the famous composers from Bach to Aaron Copland. It also gives students an overview of world music traditions and sounds, as well as basic instruction in music notation.

One of the course highlights is the demonstration of different musical instruments by members of the U.S. Army Field Band, who give a brief history of their instruments, explain their unique characteristics, and perform samples of the types of music played by them.

The use of special video effects, along with ample opportunities for students to see and hear different instruments, ensembles, types of music, and performances, engage students in a rich music experience.

This course has been noted by developers involved in its creation as one that will get students very excited about the subject.

For details about the course and to see a sample lesson, visit the Foundations of Music Course overview.