Acellus Adds Introduction to Accounting to CTE Electives

The new Acellus “Introduction to Accounting” course gives a comprehensive overview of the field of accounting and is targeted to students who are contemplating an accounting or accounting-related career. The course is also worthwhile for students who anticipate starting their own business or who otherwise need a basic understanding of financial operations.

“Introduction to Accounting” covers the fundamental accounting principles from financial statements, accounts payable/receivable, inventory, and payroll to more advanced subjects such as financial ratios, cash controls, special assets, taxes, regulations, and ethics. The breadth of the topics addressed in the course establishes a solid introduction to the field.

In addition to teaching the concepts, the instructor models different accounting operations in real-life scenarios, showing students how they work in actual practice. This empowers students with knowledge and insight they can apply in their careers.

We feel that the Introduction to Accounting course is an important addition to the Career and Technical Education electives offered by Acellus. For more information about the course, visit Introduction to Accounting.