Pre-Exams – Now an Option

The value of Pre-Exams is something many educators have strong feelings about, one way or the other. To accommodate these preferences, Acellus now gives teachers the choice of whether or not students take a Pre-Exam before they begin a new course.

While some educators strongly prefer a pre-examination to serve as a benchmark that can be used to show academic growth, others prefer to have students start right out on the course and skip these exams altogether. With the new option, the decision of having students complete a Pre-Exam or to opt out rests with the teacher.

In deploying this feature, we have assessed that Pre-Exams are much more useful when given to older students vs younger students. Based on this assessment, Acellus courseware developers set a Pre-Exam default “On” or “Off” for each course. This default setting can be overwritten by the teachers when they create a new class.



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