New Flag Catches Students Who are Guessing

One of the tools Acellus provides to teachers is the Live Class Monitor, which allows them to watch over all the students in their classes real-time. The Monitor lets teachers zero in on the students that need their personal attention, even providing the details of what they are stuck on.

A key point that Acellus urges teachers to watch for and prevent as they work with their classes is student guessing. With the powerful reporting system built into Acellus, this information can be derived by carefully evaluating individual student answers.

Guessing Acellus Feature

The challenge, however, has been to stop the student in the act when intervention is most effective. To aid teachers with this kind of timely feedback, Acellus now has built into the Live Class Monitor a “Guessing” flag which displays whenever Acellus suspects a student is guessing.

The new “Guessing” flag is just another good reason that teachers want to be monitoring their classes — live!



  1. Great new feature with the Guessing Flag. Gives me another added way to monitor.

    What happened to the Flags that when they failed the lesson it turned red and stayed red. Now they appear to be all green.

    • The Guessing Flag does not replace nor effect other flags and alerts in the Live Class Monitor. It is an additional resource, so you should see the other notifications operating as they have in the past.

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