Acellus Grade 6 Math Course Targets Spanish-Speakers

Acellus has just released a new math course for middle school – Grade 6 Math-Spanish.

The new course is especially designed to help Spanish-speaking students progress in their understanding of mathematics while at the same time reinforce their understanding of English.

Grade 6 Math-Spanish continues to build a strong foundation in mathematics, covering important concepts such as ratios and rates, solving problems with negative integers, using expressions and equations to solve problems, and developing an understanding of statistical thinking.

Acellus Grade 6 Math SpanishOne of the features of the course is that although it is taught in Spanish, it also presents mathematical concepts and terms in English, helping prepare Spanish-speaking students to transition into the English-speaking classroom.

Grade 6 Math-Spanish is the latest of three Acellus math courses taught in Spanish, joining the previously published FUNdamental Math-Spanish and Algebra I-Spanish.

Learn more about the new Grade 6 Math-Spanish course and watch a sample lesson.




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