Acellus “Emotional, Social, & Physical Ed” (ESP) Courses Released

Acellus has just released ESPEmotional, Social, and Physical Education — for elementary, middle, and high school students.

ESP incorporates social and emotional learning (SEL) with physical fitness into integrated courses that address the overall wellbeing of the student.

The goal of ESP is to empower students with healthy living habits and positive attitudes about life, giving them hope and enabling them to deal with the many challenges they will most likely encounter throughout their lives. It gives them tools to improve and deepen their relationships with their peers, friends, and families and motivates them to establish good practices in taking care of their physical health.

Taught by talented, engaging Dr. Pajét Monet, each ESP lesson consist of three parts:

    • Emotional and Social Instruction: Lessons on developing positive attitudes in daily living and positive responses in challenging situations
    • Healthy Habits: Focus on physical activity and fitness, including healthy eating, healthy habits, and a long-term exercise program
    • Motivation: Insights and perspectives that encourage and empower students to make physically and emotionally beneficial life-choices

Dr Monet ESPThe physical fitness portion of the course involves assignments given in the Special Lessons where students set exercise goals and log their progress. The Lessons include videos that can be projected by the in-class teacher via Team Teach for an all-class exercise program or that can be used as suggestions for alternative exercises at the teacher’s discretion. Other exercise programs students may already be involved in, including sports, can also count toward their EPS goals.

Learn more about the new ESP (Emotional, Social, & Physical education) course and watch a sample lesson.