New Enhanced Acellus US History Courses

Acellus has released two new editions in its US History course series — US History A—1877-1920 and US History B—1940-21st Century.

The courses have been extensively enhanced, including the addition of on-location filming at historic sites, such as those in Boston, Massachusetts (special thanks to Boston Public Schools for facilitating access to these sites). The courses are taught by veteran Acellus Instructor Todd Edmond.

Beginning with a review of the nation’s beginnings and the impact of the Enlightenment on US ideals, Acellus US History A studies events of significant historical importance that occurred from the period of the reconstruction and industrialization up to World War II.

Acellus US History B covers the development of the United States from the end of the Civil War through issues facing the country today.

Learn more about US History A and US History B.