Catch My Interview on Microsoft TV

For anyone that’s been wondering what in the world GoldKey is all about and how it secures GoldBook computers, you might want to check out my interview on Microsoft OEM TV. 

I was interviewed by Microsoft Executive Brian Wilson about GoldKey security, the GoldBook Pro computers, and how Acellus works to provide secure, focused learning for students. 

In the interview I have the opportunity to explain how GoldKey works and why it is such an important tool to help protect our students and our privacy.

Dr. Billings Microsoft OEM TVSumming it up, Brian noted, “I love the way…you mention a full solution. By incorporating an additional layer of security, like the GoldKey, with the device, the GoldBook Pro, plus the layers of security inherently built into Windows 10, that really creates a very secure, a safe device that addresses all points of the security triangle: 

– The data
– The device itself
– The end-user information

“That really is a very robust strategy. I think it’s important for the schools, the teachers, the students, and the parents, and anybody that is in that ecosystem.”

You can watch the Microsoft OEM TV interview on Facebook or catch the Interview on YouTube.