Students Can Report Issues with Acellus Problems

In an ever-changing world of moving geographic boundaries, new country names, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and new teaching methods, Acellus Courses are in constant revision and improvement, including corrections that need to be made to Acellus Problems.

 Sometimes these problems are identified by exceptional students who show advanced knowledge on these or other topics.

However, reporting these issues and getting them into the hands of Course Developers has been a tedious process. 

To take full advantage of this scenario, Acellus has implemented a new feature — ‘Submit a Problem Fix’ — that will allow students to provide direct feedback to the Course Developers.  

But it doesn’t stop there. We feel that the students who come forward with these suggestions show an extraordinary level of  achievement and deserve to be awarded additional credit.


This new feature is available under the ‘Help’ tab on the student console. From there they click on ‘Submit A Problem Fix’ to open the submission window.

Here students can suggest correct answers, flag typos or out-of-date information, or even suggest that a problem is testing on information that hasn’t been taught yet. 

These suggestions are collected in the Courseware Development System where Developers can then evaluate them and change problems appropriately.

Acellus Submit a Problem Fix - Developers

If they decide that the suggestion was relevant and helpful, they will “approve” the suggestion, which will then count as correct any answer the student entered which was incorrect due to this issue. It will also automatically award extra bonus credit to the student for finding and reporting the issue with that problem.


The new ‘Submit a Problem Fix’ feature engages students in helping us help Acellus to continually improve and grow.